Lauria Nandangarh


22 February 2020

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Lauria Nandangarh, likewise Lauriya Nandgarh, is a city or town around 14 km from Narkatiaganj (or Shikarpur) and 28 km from Bettiah in West Champaran region of Bihar state in northern India. It is arranged close to the banks of the Burhi Gandak River. The town draws its name from a column (laur) of Ashoka remaining there and the stupa hill Nandangarh (variation Nandgarh) around 2 km south-west of the column. Lauriya Nandangarh is an authentic site situated in West Champaran region of Bihar. Stays of Mauryan period have been found here.
Not exactly a large portion of a kilometer from the town and 2 km from the hill, stands the well known mainstay of Ashoka. It is a solitary square of cleaned sandstone more than 32 feet (10 m) high. The top is ringer molded with a round math device ornamented with Brahmi geese supporting the statue of a lion. The column is recorded with the declarations of Ashoka in clear and perfectly cut characters. The lion has been contributed the mouth and the segment bears the sign of time just underneath the top which has itself been marginally ousted. Indications of vandalism throughout the years are plainly unmistakable.

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