22 February 2020

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Madhubani is a town region and headquarter of Madhubani area. Madhubani is arranged in the Indian territory of Bihar. It goes under Darbhanga Division. It lies 26 km upper east of Darbhanga town and was a piece of the recent ‘Bettiah Raj’. The Madhuban Raj in Madhubani was made as a consequence.[1] “Madhuban” signifies “woods of nectar” from which Madhubani is determined, yet now and then it is otherwise called “madhu”+”vaani” signifying “sweet” “voice/language”.[2] Madhubani is the social heart of Mithilanchal, being the origination of numerous scholarly individuals and home to Madhubani Paintings and Rajnagar Palace Complex. It is said to be that Madhubani is the world’s second city who embraced majority rules system. It is the center heart of Mithilanchal locale and it is known for its cordiality culture. It is likewise known for its differing nourishment, culture and sweet Maithili language.

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